Launching in London

After reaching 2M+ users in Australia, Airtaker decided to launch in London. A new territory where everything was to be done from scratch. As a team of 5 we've launched plenty of activities on the ground to make sure Airtasker was the new cool kid on the block.

We organised customer acquisition events and ran digital competitions in partnership with UK brands such as HelloFresh, Simba or Candy Kittens. We reached out to influencers with some personalised packs and even organised a live pop-up event next to Shoreditch Street Station.

All of this helped Airtasker get significant growth figures in the first few months of presence in the London, and then the UK.
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Airtasker Community Summit

The 'Airtasker Community Summit' is an annual event where people from the Airtasker team spend time with some of the most active users on the platform. They come from all around Australia and all have very different skillsets.

This event is an opportunity for Airtasker to educate their users even more about the product and best practices. For the first of these events, I was tasked with developing an extension of the brand, which would slightly differ from the original while feeling part of the same family.

I also helped shape the direction of these events along with designing a variety of collateral; ranging from animated screens, speaker presentations, tote bags, t-shirts, awards (to celebrate the very best Taskers) down to food menus, lanyards and helping set the mood for the venue itself.
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Revamping the blog

The content being created on the blog, and the fact the last time it was updated was a long time ago, pushed this project on my desk. The design of the blog had to be done in such a way that the content would be the hero. Here is the final solution that was designed.
blog1 blog2

Product Iconography

Below are 49 icons we designed, that are part of a set Airtasker uses in their Design System. They're used extensively throughout the website and in both apps.