Making a future-proof brand

Standing out (as a brand) in the corporate tax industry ain't no easy feat. You need a visual langage that helps in differentiating yourself but expresses a high level of trust at the same time. The target customer performs tax jobs of high confidentiality on a daily basis so they need to trust you in helping them keep that while allowing to get their jobs done.

This is what I set out to do with the rebranding of Loctax and it all started internally before doing any outwards work. I worked on an internal workshop to get the team aligned on what mattered, before getting any work done on the visual side.

Below is a sneak peek into the research I conducted internally, both with the founders as well as every other Loctax employee—everybody's opinion mattered.
With a specific subset of keywords and a clear(er) direction as to where the business wanted to go and what it stood for, came a phase of experimentation with both the logomark as well as a wordmark.

We eventually settled on primarily using a wordmark for the time being as we needed to establish a name for Loctax first and foremost. The brand recognition needed for a logomark was seen as something we would aim for further down the track.

Below are a few variations of logomarks I worked on, followed by the wordmark I created and that we started to use right away for the business.
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With the newly-designed wordmark in place, it was time to look at establishing a new color system to align with our objective of standing out in the corporate tax world. Along with that, I experimented with typeface(s) to use in order to create the brand feel I was striving to create for the company.

Below, you can see the previous color palette and wordmark (left) and the new one (right).

A new brand; in application

As part of designing a new brand, creating a new system to use with it is often overlooked. They work together as one and redesigning the logo isn't the only thing that makes for a successful rebrand.

Making sure that the brand is applied with the same level of craft and attention across the various touch-points of a business is actually key in taking good rebrand efforts and turning it into a successful and effective new brand.

Below (and in order), you can see new brand applications spanning across a fresh new social media strategy, a new series of marketing emails as well as the content produced in-house at Loctax (here, whitepapers).
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